NAS JAX Exam Room Renovation

8-koi is performing Modernizing Exam Rooms for the Naval Hospital at US Naval Air Station Jacksonville (NAS JAX), starting in January 2017.


Naval Hospital JAX was commissioned in 1941, and 8-koi was selected to support the hospital’s modernization plan to keep pace with twenty-first century healthcare technology and service delivery. In a total of ninety-four rooms between four sections of clinic operations on the first and second floors of the hospital, we are upgrading and standardizing the facilities to include relocation of electrical and data/communications infrastructure to accommodate the installation of new computer workstations in various locations. In addition to removing outdated wall-hung desks and cabinets throughout, we are upgrading tech-related appliances and clinical furnishings such as computer arms and exam tables. This entails repairing walls to like-new finish and reinstalling existing equipment according to Navy hospital standards.

There are nine phases to the project, each carefully scheduled to avoid conflict with each clinical department’s schedule of patients.  We have given a concentrated effort to logistics in order to meet the challenges of working within multiple departments as part of the renovation. This project is on time and 8-koi project managers have met diligently with department heads to keep all parties informed of upcoming renovations.

Project Gallery: