8-koi’s VERGe initiative was officially adopted on June 14, 2022. The VERGe program is led by 8-koi’s COO (a 20-year USAF retired Lt. Col). Aims/Objectives of the 8-koi Veteran Employee Resource Group:

  1. Enhance awareness and increase access to career opportunities for veteran job seekers.
  2. Facilitate and enhance transition from military service to corporate environment by helping to remove barriers, mitigating challenges, and maximizing opportunities for all veteran employees including veteran new hires.
  3. Provide professional and “life coaching” and mentoring to our veteran employees and veteran new hire employees.
  4. Foster communication and collaboration between veteran employees, their colleagues and the leadership of our company.
  5. Help to identify technical, industry, and community service resources available to veterans.

NEW! Looking for information regarding the “Burning Pits” legislation? Click here to learn about potential new benefits and procedures for applications.

VA Based Assistance

Veterans Affairs Page Directory of Veterans Services Organizations :: https://www.va.gov/vso/

Department Of Labor; Office of Federal Contracting Compliance Programs/OFCCP  Veterans Resources ::https://www.dol.gov/agencies/ofccp/veterans/resources

Veterans Benefits Administration :: https://benefits.va.gov/benefits/

State Level Resources:

Florida Dept. of Veterans Affairs Lists of Veterans Services Organizations :: https://www.floridavets.org/our-veterans/florida-veterans-service-organizations/

Texas Veterans Commission :: https://www.tvc.texas.gov/

Other Organizations and Resources

AmVETS :: https://amvets.org/

NVHS :: https://nvhs.org/contact/

Veterans of Foreign Wars :: https://vfw.org/

Disabled American Veterans :: https://www.dav.org/veterans/resources/

Education Support Resources For Disabled Veteran Students :: https://www.collegeconsensus.com/resources/college-life/support-for-disabled-veteran-students/

National Institute of Health :: https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/publications/warning-signs-of-suicide

National Veterans Foundation Veteran Resources LEGAL, HEALTH, HOUSING, BENEFITS & MORE:

Enhanced Veterans Access and Commissary Shopping Privileges

For more information regarding the Enhanced Veterans Access and Commissary Shopping Privileges grated by Congress. Please see this link –> Click Here.