Acquisition and Procurement Support Services

Program Manager Training Systems (PM TRASYS)

The 8-koi team consists of four Sr. Contract Specialists engaged in life cycle procurement activities in support of the Contracting Division and the following three Product Managers within Program Manager Training Systems (PM TRASYS) in Orlando, FL. The Range Training Systems (RTS) supports the United States Marine Corps (USMC) bases and stations with live, Force-on-Force, Force-on-Target tactical engagement training tools/support, egress trainers and dynamic capabilities for real team and post mission battle tracking and After-Action Review. The Synthetic Training Systems (STS) acquires training systems that immerse Marine elements from crew to the Marine Expeditionary Forces in synthetic, simulated training environments. Their products provide tools for Marines to train both familiarity and functionality of weapons platform, basic and advanced combat convoy operations, and combat vehicle gunnery proficiency at their unit, local facilities, aboard ship, and at remote sites. The Training Systems Sustainment and Support Services (TS4) provides support services and lifecycle sustainment for all products procured by RTS and STS. Their portfolio includes contracting actions to provide role players to enhance training realism at each base.