Some general info to be requested from potential new team mates for construction.

  1. The name of your firm
  2. Primary address
  3. Point of contact for estimates / negotiations ( include phone and email )
  4. Point of contact for contractual implementation and responses ( include phone and email )
  5. Do you have any special designations (WOSB, SB, Other minority, Veteran,  etc.)
  6. Do you have any special licenses or certifications
  7. Are you familial with the prevailing wage requirements
  8. What is your geographical reach for performance, please note we perform work through out the Continental  USA and surrounding territories.
  9. Where is your preferred place of performance
  10. What is the typical project size you prefer
  11. What is the maximum project size you can perform
  12. What is your minimum service call project size
  13. Do you perform engineering or design service
  14. Do you perform any testing
  15. What divisions and or disciplines do you perform
  16. What is your typical response time ( bids, mobilization, emergency response)
  17. What is you bonding capacity
  18. Do you have the capabilities to get your work force on secured government facilities
  19. What are the limits of your general liability
  20. Please list at least 3 references and the projects performed, ( Federal contracts performed preferred )
  21. Comment box – Please list  any other helpful information