8-koi Founder Inga Young: 13 Things I’ve Learned About Business

President Inga I. Young founded 8-koi on August 8, 2008. The number 8 represents the cyclic nature of systems. The koi fish represents embracing adversity through persistent focus on positive outcomes. Inga built the company to be different – to do better than others, and to offer an easier and more efficient option to the government. With her decades-long background in DCAA-compliant contract accounting, Inga’s astute knowledge of finance allows her to perform more cost-effectively across multiple disciplines with consistent quality-driven results. Since startup, 8-koi has increased its revenue every year and employs an effective team of highly qualified personnel around the globe.

This year, 8-koi celebrates its 13th Anniversary and Inga has learned some things along the way. Read on to find out more about her reflections on her entrepreneurial journey…

  1. People are our most valuable asset.
  2. It’s so important to maintain a ‘human touch’ in business. It helps us to ensure we make good decisions for our future. 
  3. Let leaders lead in their own style and show their best capabilities. 
  4. Transparency helps communication. People need to be on the same page to achieve shared goals. 
  5. Ask the hard questions and be open for discussion.  
  6. Stretch yourself to gain new capabilities. My best lessons were my failures. 
  7. Think of obstacles as challenges that will be overcome.
  8. Sweat some small stuff early because it makes the big stuff easier later on. For example, we had good HR processes in place before we had a need and that made things easier for a significant hiring surge activity that came afterward.
  9. Be methodical and make wise decisions, but don’t get ‘paralysis by analysis.’ 
  10. Having multiple niches may seem unfocused to some, but it’s helped 8-koi to be nimble and weather the unforeseen challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more.
  11. I generally always look forward, but it’s good to look back at what you have accomplished over time.
  12. Goals are good, but you shouldn’t beat yourself over the head if you miss one or two. 
  13. Be thankful for blessings. 

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