8-koi Celebrates 15 Years!

Fifteen years ago, University of Florida accounting graduate and show dog mom Inga Young founded 8-koi on August 8th in her hometown of Melbourne, Florida. Since then, the woman-owned small business has grown to support millions of dollars in government contracts and hired hundreds of employees around the US. As a first generation American, Inga credits her success to her parents, and practices everyday gratitude for the opportunity to learn from her coworkers and peers in the industry. Design, build, staff, and supply… 8-koi offers full-spectrum contracting solutions with a human touch. See more about the EDWOSB’s capabilities in design engineering, construction, and technical services.

8-koi Secures New Vendor Agreements for Medical Supplies

After starting with 8-koi in May, Healthcare Program Manager Krista Dupell has since successfully secured two new prime vendor relationships with InSource and AndaMEDS. With access to dedicated account representatives and nearby distribution centers in Jacksonville and South Florida, 8-koi anticipates greater efficiency and cost-savings when provisioning supplies for their Healthcare Division customers.

“In order to follow through on 8-koi’s promise to do business with a ‘human touch,’ I pursued a relationship with these companies for medical supplies and some medications because they operate with the same values,” said Krista. “These agreements greatly enhance our customer service when working with government and institutional health care clinics and providers so we can offer a larger catalog and deliver with a faster response.”

During the COVID-19 public health crisis in 2020, 8-koi expanded its Healthcare Division to fill purchase orders for scarce and critical medical supplies to organizations in need during the pandemic. The woman-owned small business based in Melbourne provided medical supplies, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and pharmaceuticals to include N95/KN95/3-ply/custom masks, Tyvex Suits, Nitrile gloves, shoe covers, and surface disinfectants to support client COVID-19 Alternative Care Sites across the US.

8-koi’s rapid response to RFQs and awarded government contracts has helped to secure its position as the primary supplier on multiple efforts. As a subsidiary of Henry Schein, world-leader in medical business, clinical, technology, and supply chain solutions, InSource offers more than 300,000 products. AndaMEDS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TEVA Pharmaceuticals, the global leader in generic medicine, and provides niche distribution service with next-day delivery on medical supplies and generic pharmaceuticals. 8-koi is also a licensed McKesson reseller and can provide products for sterile environments and cleanroom facilities.

“The evolution of our Healthcare Division has been on a fast track since the pandemic,” says 8-koi Founder and President Inga Young. “Now, with Krista’s initiative to secure priority vendor agreements like these with InSource and AndaMEDS, we can more firmly establish ourselves in the marketplace and continue to develop our capabilities for both new and existing customers.”

In addition to supplying Federal Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs), state and local governments, Indian Health Services, and schools, 8-koi has been working to generate new business with other commercial supply houses, concierge healthcare providers and local medical facilities. Organizations interested in ordering medical supplies from 8-koi can contact Krista Dupell at 321.802.6768 or healthcare@8-koi.com.